The visual arts are a central component of worship at Trinity.  Each Sunday bulletin features a work of art relevant to the scripture passages read during the day.  This draws us more deeply into the Biblical story and inspires us to live our whole lives in the light of Christian truth.  As much as possible, we commission original art for our bulletins, seeking to support the revitalization of Christian culture in the 21st century.

Kevin Lindholm

Kevin made art for our series on Matthew. You can see his work below.

Kevin is the lead art instructor for Sequitur Classical Academy and former adjunct professor of life drawing and color & design at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. He hails from sunny California with an interest in reformed theology, cultural theory, and art theory and criticism. Kevin holds a BFA from UL-Lafayette and an MFA from The Ohio State University.

Becky Faber

Becky made watercolors for our series through Philippians.  You can see her work below.

A three time graduate of Wheaton College in Illinois,  Becky lives and works as a missionary in Bulgaria.  She teaches church history at the Trivelius Institute, works with local teams to support the Pink Foundation, and has helped to launch a variety of organizations, including Young Life Bulgaria.  In her free time she likes to paint, lead women's bible studies, and write to friends all over the world.  She is pictured here with her husband Bob.


Brooke Jarreau Huval

Brooke is an artist living in Baton Rouge.  

She made digital art for our series on the Parable of the Prodigal Son.  The three pieces depicting the Prodigal, the Older Brother, and the Father fit together into a single composition.


Scott Bailey

Scott is an artist and tax professional in Lafayette, LA.  He is married to Dianne, with whom he has three children.  

Scott created oil paintings for our series on King David in the fall of 2017.


Ginger Oakes

Ginger resides in Charlottesville, VA.  She is pictured here with husband Stan.

Ginger is making watercolor illuminations for our sermon series on the gospel of Mark.