God's Providence and Trinity Crowley

We will remember January 2019 as the month of provision from Trinity Crowley. On January 5th and then again on January 20th, we received gifts of sacred objects from the former Trinity Episcopal Church in Crowley. These objects include pulpit, altar, font, lectern, chairs, linens, vessels, vestments, candles, and other items for the worship of God.


In their physical qualities, the objects are remarkable. They include solid wood craftsmanship from the early 20th century, with refined proportions and elegant detailing. But beyond their physical characteristics, these objects have been hallowed by their faithful use across generations in the service of Almighty God. They were deeply meaningful to the members of Trinity Crowley, evidenced by tears shed at an impromptu prayer service we held outside the moving truck. We would like the people of Trinity Crowley to know that we receive these gifts with both gratitude and that same spirit of reverence, honoring the beauty which draws us to God and calls us to give Him all our heart, soul, mind, and strength.

God’s providence is indeed a great mystery, not least because He is in the business of bringing life out of death. When we speak of providence, we often think of the God’s great arrangement of history. But it is also interesting to note that the word Providence shares a Latin root with the English words provide and provision. Putting the concepts together, we can see that God’s providence involves his arrangement of history to provide for his people. In this light, what a testament to God’s providence are these gifts from Trinity Crowley! When we returned with the items to Trinity Lafayette, we discovered, with some surprise, that they looked like they were made for the space. Their size and shape and color matched and complemented our sanctuary, making the space both more beautiful and more functional.


One final note on God’s remarkable work this month. Over the past year we have supported the Omar family, which has been raising support to move as missionaries to Panama. As the Omar family finalized its plans, received visas, and bought tickets, we scheduled Marc Omar to preach at Trinity on January 20th, one last time before his imminent move. A few weeks ago I asked him what else he needed. He said he needed vestments. Little did he know that we at Trinity would shortly thereafter receive a trove of vestments from Trinity Crowley, far more than we could use alone. And so this Sunday we had the pleasure to pass on a full set of vestments to Marc to use in Panama, together with additional items for worship. Praise God for His providential care for his people! May His gospel go forth in power!

Peter Johnston