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Posts with the category “rector-s-report”

January Thanks & February Classes
by Lisa Fruge on January 31st, 2024
Greetings, Trinitarians!First, allow me to thank you for participating in a very full month of activities! From the Annual Meeting, to the inaugural visit of Bishop Felix, to our Cultivate Peace Women's Conference, it was an active and encouraging January.What's more, it was a joy to baptize Alex Koval and to receive the Peyton family (Scott & Letitia, with children Mary-Helen, Mary-Grace, Scott, ...  Read More
How We Welcome Children
by Peter Johnston on October 1st, 2022
Grace and peace to you, saints of Trinity!The Lord has recently blessed our congregation with a host of children; we have grown from around 10 to more than 30 over the past two years. We express thanks to God in this, believing with the Bible that “children are a gift from the Lord” (Psalm 127:3). And so I thought it would be helpful to share a bit on how we welcome and serve children at Trinity.F...  Read More
Winfield Bevins on Liturgical Mission
by Peter Johnston on September 24th, 2022
Greetings, saints of Trinity!One of the unique traditions God has given us at Trinity, is hosting Theology on the Bayou with a visiting author each fall.  Nathan White in 2017, David Roseberry in 2018, Rod Dreher in 2019, and Gerald McDermott in 2021.  Today I’m very glad to announce that Winfield Bevins will join us for Theology on the Bayou, on the morning of Saturday the 22nd of October!  Winfi...  Read More
Psalm Sing
by Peter Johnston on September 17th, 2022
Good afternoon, Trinity! We’re beginning a new practice, of putting out an occasional “Rector’s Report.”  Most of the time this will come out on Fridays, to communicate what we are doing at church, together with the reason why. This weekend we have a Psalm Sing on Saturday at 4PM.  This is an opportunity for us to gather, as Paul instructs, to sing “psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing an...  Read More