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The Trinity Vestry

Our bylaws establish a Vestry to "work with the Rector to steward Trinity’s business and affairs." The Vestry consists of three to seven members, in staggered 3-year terms. The present composition of the Vestry is as follows:

Class of 2025: Bill Cober, John Guillory, Scotty Weeks
Class of 2026: David Brammer, Scott Comeaux
Class of 2027: Pat Brenham, Pat Briney

Previous Members of the Vestry:
Ed Abell, Penn Tompkins, Cheryl Ogle, Faustine Hillard

In Memoriam:
Cleo Cotham


Rector's Warden: Bill Cober
People's Warden: David Brammer
Secretary: John Guillory
Treasurer: Scott Comeaux

Committees & Commissions

We have a series of Committees & Commissions, which help to do the business of the church.  Members are drawn both from the Vestry and the general membership of the church.

Identity & Affiliations Committee: This committee oversees our relationships with other affiliated organizations and mission projects, including the Diocese, Art Ministry, Anglican Compass, and Foundation 39. Members: Bill Cober (Chair)

Finance Committee: This committee meets at least quarterly to oversee church finances, and organizes our annual budgeting process. Members: Scott Comeaux (Chair), Bill Cober, John Guillory

Facilities Commission: This commission carries out the maintenance of our church facilities. Members: David Brammer (Chair)

Outreach Commission: This commission carries out the outreach and crisis relief work of the church, focusing especially on assisting those in need. Members: Penn Tompkins

Minutes & Working Documents (For 2024)

Note: Minutes are not final until approved at the following Vestry meeting.

Minutes & Working Documents (For 2023)

Note: Minutes are not final until approved at the following Vestry meeting.

Documents on Diocesan Transfer (October & November 2023)