Click Here To Download Our App!

Download the new Trinity App!

Grace and peace to you today, saints of Trinity! 

I am excited to share that Trinity now has a mobile app. Available in the Apple and Google app
stores, just search for “Trinity Lafayette” and you will be able to download it for free. The
purpose of the app is to support your discipleship by making Trinity resources available to you
through the week. The app has three tabs: Watch, Read, and Events.

On the Watch tab, the most recent sermon is listed first, and if you scroll down you can find
previous sermons. While watching or listening, you can take notes or review the bulletin. You
can also easily share the sermon with a friend or to your social media. And if you cannot be in
church on a Sunday morning, click the “Trinity Live” banner at the top, and you will be able to
see our 9AM service in real time.

On the Read tab, you will be able to read reports, such as this one. Our reports not only share
what is happening at Trinity, but also explain why we do what we do. Expect information about
all aspects of Trinity, from worship to mission to special prayer requests.

The final tab is for Events. Here you will find a list of our upcoming special events. Notice, for
example, that tomorrow we have our Work Day. See what I did there? At the bottom of the list,
there is an item titled “Weekday Events,” with information on our weekly, recurring gatherings.
As you select an individual event, you will find more information about it, together with a form
for registration, when relevant. In the bottom right of the event picture, tap the plus sign and
the event will automatically be added to your calendar.

A special thanks to Amy Jeffrey for her extensive support in building and populating the app.
This is a wonderful tool that will serve our congregation for years to come. Praise God!

In Christ -