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Celebrating Advent

Greetings, Trinitarians! 
This Sunday is the first of Advent and the beginning of the new church year. During Advent, we remember the expectation and hope of the people of God, as they looked to the coming of the Messiah. It is also a time when we reflect on the hope we have in Christ and his Second Coming to set all things right.
After Church, we’ll celebrate Advent by putting up our seasonal decorations in the sanctuary, decorating our Christmas tree, and then continuing the celebration in the Family Center. In the Family Center, Teri Cober will lead us in creating Advent Wreaths (you can read more about the Advent Wreath in Teri’s article for Anglican Compass here).
We also expect an appearance of Saint Nick, the early church father who attended the Council of Nicaea, and whose feast is December 6. That’s the true story of Santa Claus!
Finally, please remember to bring the gifts you have purchased for homeless and foster children. Gifting Grace will be collecting and sorting next week.
In Christ -