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The Trinity Covenant

Greetings, saints of Trinity!

Today I've had the joy of bringing out of the archive the original Trinity Covenant that we signed in 2016. It is a wonderful piece of history, and fascinating to look at the names. Many of you signed, of course, and it is a rare and wonderful privilege to continue to worship and serve with you these seven years later. We've only lost a few of our founding covenanters, some now with the Lord (Ron Matthews and Cleo Cotham), and some to other locales (for those who remember Michael Dunaway, he sends his greetings from Annapolis, MD).

This Sunday we will have the original Trinity Covenant on display, next to the slightly updated version that new members will sign. It's a beautiful testimony to God's faithfulness over time, as the gospel of Christ passes to the next generation. I've included above a photo of the original Trinity Covenant, and you can click here to read the text of the updated Trinity Covenant.

I look forward to our time together this Palm Sunday, as we begin the journey of Holy Week, as we welcome new members, and as we enjoy a festive potluck after the service.

Yours in Christ -