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Web and App Giving

Greetings, saints of Trinity – 

In the midst of our First Fruits pledge campaign, and as we consider our financial support of Trinity, I wanted to send a quick note about giving on our new Trinity App & Website.

As you know, during our Sunday service we hold an offertory, and many of our folks put cash or checks in the plate. But over the last few years, and increasingly since the pandemic, many have been giving online through our website. Then last month, we debuted a new website and our new mobile app.

One of the reasons we switched to our new Web & App platform is that it has lower fees for online giving. So as you make your pledge, you are most welcome to set up a recurring donation through the app or through the website. And, for anyone who already has a recurring donation, we will be contacting you to transfer it to the new platform. We will be sunsetting the old platform at the end of the year, so all our recurring giving will need to transfer by then.

How to give on the website or on the app? On the website, click the “Give” button, and then follow the prompts. On the app, there is a “Give” button on every sermon in the watch tab, or from the main navigation from the top of the page.

Then follow the prompts. Finally, one question that people have is this: if I give online, what will I put in the offering plate? Well, we certainly don’t want the offering plate to go empty! So as we continue through the generational transition, away from checks & cash, and toward more and more digital giving, we encourage you to write a prayer, and put that in the offering plate. This will help advance our prayer ministry, and also allows us to share more of ourself with God. After all, finances are only one part of our gift to God. A tithe is 10% of income, but God wants 100% of ourselves!

In Christ –