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Wear Red for Pentecost!

Greetings, saints of Trinity! 

The next two Sundays are the exciting culmination to the Easter season.  This Sunday is Pentecost, when we celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit.  One of our traditions is to wear red on Pentecost, since the Spirit came in tongues of fire.

Next Sunday is Trinity Sunday, which builds on Pentecost by celebrating each person of God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Trinity Sunday also marks the transition into what is called “ordinary time” or the period from Pentecost to the beginning of Advent.

Finally, we continue to welcome new visitors, seemingly every week. Thank you for your ongoing hospitality. Summer is usually a slower time, but if the Lord chooses to send folks to Trinity this summer, let’s be ready to welcome them with open arms!

With thanks and in Christ -