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Thanks & GAFCON Greetings

Greetings, saints of Trinity!

I want to begin by extending thanks for your remarkable leadership and participation in our Holy Week celebration. It was truly an all-hands-on-deck affair, with extensive contributions, including from our Musicians, Altar Guild, Acolytes, Readers, Preachers, Grounds, AV, Prayer, Kids Ministry, Hospitality, Vestry, and more. Among many wonderful moments, I am grateful especially for the joyful baptism of three on Easter Sunday. And allow me specifically to thank Amy Jeffrey for her organizational effort, and for cheerfully keeping us all on task!

I write to you today from Kigali, Rwanda, where I am gathered with 1250 Anglicans from around the world, for the Global Anglican Future Conference, also known as GAFCON (if you'd like to learn more about GAFCON, I wrote a guide which you can read here). The conference features lively worship led by Rwandan musicians, a study of Colossians, and powerful presentations on Anglicanism and the proclamation of the gospel of Christ.
To my mind, the most significant impact of the conference is the remarkable unity we have in Christ with believers all around the world. There are 53 countries represented at the conference, with an especially large representation from Africa.  We were assigned to prayer groups for the conference, and mine includes John, an accountant for the Church of Nigeria, James, a Vicar in England, and Sospeter and Betty, a Tanzanian Bishop and his wife. See the attached photo of our group.

Thanks to Fr Aaron for his leadership in my absence. I return this Saturday and look forward to worshipping with you on Sunday. I will also plan to hold a Sunday School class the next Sunday (April 30th) @ 9AM, to share more from my experience at GAFCON.

In Christ -