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Synod 2022

Greetings, saints of Trinity! 

I write to you from The Woodlands, just north of Houston, at the conclusion of the Annual Synod of our Diocese. I’m about to get on the road back to Lafayette, so I will keep this short, but I did think it would be important to share with you some of what we have experienced here.

My first Synod was in 2016, shortly after I had left the Episcopal Church, and shortly before we began services at Trinity. Our Diocese at the time was small, with about 20 clergy, and it felt like a family. The warm welcome I received literally brought me to tears, as I felt for the first time the unity that comes from serving under the authority of a godly Bishop. We didn’t have many people, or many churches, or much money. But we had each other and the Holy Spirit, a group of brothers and sisters united in obedience, serving the Lord together. At Trinity, over the years, we have sought to do the same, and by God’s grace I believe we continue to experience the unity that comes from faithfulness to Christ.

Now at Synod 2022, there are some 50 clergy, and 17 congregations, with new church plants and mission works in rapid development. It is an exciting time for the whole Diocese, and best of all, we still feel like a family. It is also the first year that we have held a gathering specifically for our Louisiana delegation, gathering last night for dinner with saints from Metairie, Covington, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and Ruston, together with visiting clergy from St. Francisville and Columbia. It is clear that many seeds are being planted, and we pray that as we plant and water, the Lord would give the growth. I thank you for joining in these prayers, and for the way you at Trinity are faithfully supporting God’s mission in Louisiana.
Finally, please join me in giving thanks for the birth of Rhylan Gregory-Graff! Mom Allison is well, dad Ian is proud, and big-sister Leigh is excited. Let’s bless the Gregory-Graffs in this time. Please sign up to bring a meal, or send along a gift card, by clicking here.

Yours in Christ –