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The Membership Class

Grace and peace to you today, saints of Trinity!

This Saturday from 9AM to 2PM we will be offering our first Trinity Membership Class. Please join us, even if you haven’t had a chance to sign-up. You may be asking: What is membership at
Trinity? Why should I consider membership? What will we do in the membership class? In this Rector’s Report I will briefly answer these questions.

What is membership at Trinity? The first thing to note is that our bylaws envision three kinds of people at Trinity: Neighbors, Baptized Members, and Voting Members. By Neighbors we mean anybody and everybody, and we welcome our neighbors to our services and other activities. You don’t have to be a member to come to Trinity. Baptized Members are those who are baptized, no matter their age, or what church they were baptized in. Thus, on any given
Sunday, we recognize my son Galileo, together with visiting Evangelicals and Roman Catholics, as fellow members of the body of Christ. Finally, Voting Members are those, among the Baptized, who make a commitment to live out their faith at Trinity. They are baptized, affirm the Apostles Creed, complete a membership class, and sign the Trinity Covenant.

Why should I consider membership? The Christian faith is not a solitary endeavor. Our faith grows and is sustained in church community, as we pray and serve together, encourage one another in the gospel, and hold one another accountable. Thus, by becoming a member at
Trinity, you not only express your Christian faith, you also support your Christian faith, together with the faith of our whole church.

This is why it is valuable for us to begin a formal membership process at this point in our church
life. During our planting phase, of necessity our church’s focus was outward, to the gathering of
new people, sometimes to the exclusion of discipleship and spiritual growth within. Now, without losing our outward orientation, it is right for us to add an intentional approach to
discipleship, seeking a more thorough obedience to Christ, and a deeper spiritual life. We wish to grow not only numerically, but also in Christian maturity, trusting God to sanctify us in his Spirit and to give fruit as we root ourselves in Christ.

What will we do at the membership class? The membership class is oriented around three topics: 1) What we believe; 2) How we worship; and 3) Getting involved at Trinity. We will consider these topics together, with both presentations by the clergy and group conversations.
The class begins and closes with prayer, and includes a meal. So we will have a rich experience
of worship, friendship, and scholarship, all in one day!

We invite everyone to complete a Membership Class, even if you are not yet sure on whether you’d like to be a member. This will give you a chance to prayerfully discern the next steps of your spiritual life, with the support of the church and without judgment. Dates and times are as follows:

Nov 12, 9AM – 2PM (Lunch Provided)
Nov 19, 2PM – 7PM (Dinner Provided, Activities for Kids)
Dec 10, 9AM – 2PM (Lunch Provided)

I look forward to our time together!

In Christ -